Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jaxscene In Numbers

Being that a lot of work goes into Jaxscene I enjoy looking at the view count of the pictures and videos we upload. (BTW there is no way the people at Jaxscene look at or desire to look at IP logs to tell who or what computer ID is looking at what) We basically can just see view counts. Looking at the newly uploaded Bury Your Bike video, the count in 6 days is 1,105. To me that is good, there are videos that been up for over a year with only close to 800 views. I thought it might be cool to show our top 3.

1. Bury Your Bike Two(1,105 views)
2. Gil Mantera's Party Dream @ TSI 12/7/03(798 views)
3. Bonde Do Role @ ClubTSI (579 views)

1. Mark, Devon, Sarah(306 views)
2. Storm Troopers(301 views)
3. Karin w/photobomber(239 views)

Videos on our Myspace: 79 plays 10,169

Pictures on our Flickr: 50,376 total views 854,507

Thanks to everyone. Its only been a little over a year.


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