Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Suspended JaxScene - Local blog acquisition?


It's no secret, this site is asleep. Yet again. But hey, so many things I like in Jax tend to disappear; popup galleries, awesome bars, and places I like to eat.

I am asked about it, and I say for myself that I am busy with personal projects and work, as well, Tom P. now runs The only way I could think to restart this despite how hard it is to go get the content without a camera, is unifying with other local blogs. Obviously blogs that are drifting by and don't stand as strong on their own. They would have a log in here and start drumming up content, and as a whole work together.

Comment with your thoughts... I might be able to "buy out" other blogs with funds from a JaxScene  page. With a awesome enough video, we might be able to get money for cameras for on location event photography.
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