Friday, September 25, 2009

You Must Support Local art in Jacksonville!

Some words from Cash Carter:

Hello Jacksonville!

We have started a very exciting campaign to help stop the extinction
of local art here in Jacksonville, FL. (
We will be supporting all forms of art (urban restaurants, musicians,
local labels, record stores, artists, DJ's, club owners, promoters,
and anyone else down for the cause), right here in our own city of
Jacksonville, FL pushing to build a strong community that thrives on
an ongoing wave of innovation and growth. Our culture is dying here in

Jacksonville right before our own eyes, and its time we take back what is rightfully ours. You are all begging for change and this is it.

Where we will come in to build a world of communication linking you to
a world of artistic bliss.

With that said, we are looking for a few good designers to help us
come up with some unique and great logos and designs. Everything from
here on out is about coming together as a unity as a city and we are
looking for designers here in Jacksonville, FL only. Keep it local and
keep it Jacksonville.

We would love to discuss this project and opportunity with you
further, so if you would be interested in being apart of an amazing
campaign to help push together culture and an array of art please
contact us now. It's not a "should" contact us, it's a " you must"
contact us!

Love your friends at,

feel free to keep reposting this, it is important to get this going.

Cash Carter -

Carrie Salzer-

Ryan Burnette -


TT said...

Start by going to Steamworks Saturday night for great local music
its cheap and you can always donate more/buy merch/have crucial fun for extra support!

Erks said...

Let's hope this website/idea lasts more than a few months.

Anonymous said...

Support local art and come to Bogda on Oct 3rd for a whole messa Jacksonville artists!

Anonymous said...

seems we're not talking about the supposed "extinction" of "art" but more others ability to profit off of it.

i feel like anyone saying "art" is dying isn't currently creating anything themselves or feels they've "grown up" and is looking for some material tradeoff.

also, be aware of using the word "culture" and what it actually means. the idea of "culture" is currently most used to keep people in the same existential box they're already in. it's the "culture" you have to save it! no... i say kill jacksonville's "culture" if you think it's possible, it's probably the biggest thing holding us back.

might seem off topic, but i just feel like a healthier lifestyle/community all together would itself revivify art in a more apparent manner and rallying behind a facet of existence itself that could never leave us with the idea that it is in danger is just misleading. it's just typical ego based fear-mongering to get the energy of others behind your "project". smacks more of the typical individualist/tight clique approach of our current "scene" than anything else.
now, i'm not saying you all have some devious intent at all, or that you don't genuinely care about "art", just trying to insert an opinion and hopefully help others realize how much we project our inner (and outer) turmoil onto the parts of life that are for alchemizing this very energy
the world might be in the process of dying, our consciousness might be filled to the brim with shite, but how can "art" die? this is how art is created.

bee well...

Anonymous said...

most of the art on offer in jacksonville is wildly uninspired, and the personalities who surround it pretentious and dull. why would anyone without a vested interest want to support such a thing?

David on September 28, 2009 at 12:50 AM said...

Speaking from a person who has travel and squatted in some artsy cities, I have definitely seen completely refreshing and great art that I would have a hard time thinking i could just find it anywhere but right where I saw it; here.
Jacksonville could always use more art focus in any form. It's just for the love for art. The arts market is a milestone in the right direction. This site it's self has tied in a lot of artists and not making a dime off doing so. Why not another pro art portal? And the end of the day, art isn't just available because it's just a part of life, take all the ways we protect it and push it for any or all reasons, and it's all hidden away. Russia is a great example.

wah said...

if more people stopped drinking so much and spending every night at a bar then maybe they could wake up early enough or not be as hung over enough to actually create something worth while.

David on September 28, 2009 at 6:27 PM said...

@ Wah ha ha so true

Anonymous said...

nobody wants to look at art made by sober people. them are the fools what make palm trees and dolphins and shit. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm usually up for supporting local art but when it's as bad as most of Jacksonville art it's best to let it die. Maybe you guys should go back to school. Or not. I love tipping you after you clear my table.

Back the f up see more homie

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