Sunday, January 10, 2010

A contributor's situation

My post today isn't about scene, art, or music. I just thought I'd mention a scenario concerning my mother today. I'm pretty bashful about private issues, but she's in a pretty bad spot on the road trying to get to NC from AZ. I am not in the financial position to give her the help she needs anymore. The best I could do is make her a donation blog and a vehicle sticker with the URL so passing motorists can help. I am pretty tapped out; I haven't been out as much and mostly working on Jaxscene from home. It's worth a shot to post as many places as possible and maybe I could raise something for her. It's a bit brief but even thought about a benefit show. If you want to donate, you can do it on the site. Any little thing helps and hopefully one day I can look at the list and return donations.
Thank you everyone!!
- David W.

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