Monday, March 14, 2011

The Skraelings "Scream Queen" Music Video

Check out this new video by the local band The Skraelings (Alternative/Electro/rock). I enjoyed seeing familiar faces in it ;)

"It's senior prom, 1985 and one girl will do ANYTHING to get the crown... even if she has to KILL her competition"

The Skraelings FaceBook page:
With a groundswell of support, the duo recorded, mixed, and mastered the debut LP, "Super Dance Party Remix" and released with through Movement Magazine's artist-run label Frequencies in Fall 2009.

Completing the full lineup are Bass Player/Vocalist Corina Seaburn, Drummer Corey Farmer, and Guitarist Ryan North.

The band is currently playing throughout Northeast Florida and preparing to release their followup LP "II", an album which thrusts the decidedly electro-clash band in a harsher, more progressive direction.

Related: The Pearl 80's Prom w/ The Skraelings 2.26.2010 REAX/JAXSCENE photos by Tom P.


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