Thursday, June 16, 2011

Open Mic w/Jonah Whalebelly @ Burro Bar 6/15

Click image to see the photo set. Photos by Tom P.

Last night I got a chance to head downtown to The Burro Bar and witness their Wednesday Open Mic Night. I believe this is actually their third week doing the event and are discussing changing it from the now weekly event to once a month. The line up was pretty impressive. There were a couple guitarist doing cover songs, a few guitarist played their own material and you had a few comedians. They usually played three songs or spoke for around ten minutes. I would have to say they all did a really good job and it made for a good night. The host Jonah Whalebelly keeps you entertained in between performances by being witty or telling stories about trying to get a cheeseburger and a cold beer from the American Embassy in Pakistan and seeing two Pakistani military soldiers spooning in the back of a Humvee.
If you are interested in going or performing I would recommend checking out their new facebook page to figure out when the next event is.
More info on Burro Bar open mic night.


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