Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Riverside/Avondale barter fest idea and Facebook group

I, at some point, want to start a barter fair in riverside, where with no entry fee you can register to display your items for trade only. Goers can brink some items in their bag to trade around the site. The idea being that ultimately items will recycle cutting down on waste and even small things of value, to you, could be more to someone else. So everyone's happy. If you like to game that system, you can. Start with a framed photo you took, leave with a guitar. I haven't been motivated enough to try this yet, party because I don't know if taxes will mess me up, or when I could afford to pay any permits if needed. I would need some education and help. 

For now I created THIS FACEBOOK GROUP to trade with neighbors in the areas of Riverside and Avondale, with an OK for some places close enough. being that it's online you can buy and sell as well. I hate to add people against their will so it will have to be shared by people who want it to work.                   Riverside/Avondale JAX [ BUY | SELL| TRADE ]


Van on August 11, 2011 at 9:27 AM said...

I've been wanting to see a swap meet happen in Riverside for a while now. Hopefully this comes to fruition!

Back the f up see more homie

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