Sunday, February 7, 2010

AHSOTA: Autrelle Holland's School of the Arts

An Honorable mention. Autrelle Holland's School of the Arts on 820 North Clay Street Downtown Jacksonville.

Autrelle Holland's School of the Arts is committed to providing an environment where anyone can come and embrace culture. Whether it is through the study of Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga, Literature, Chess, or Participatory Group Discussion, our goal is to remind people that culture, critical thinking, and empathy are necessary to be whole as an individual. A whole and healthy individual is one who can truly transform the world for the better.

It's time to embrace culture.
That is the focus of Autrelle Holland's School of the Arts.
Martial Arts. Yoga. Dance. Art. Music. Literacy. Critical thinking and reflection.
A return to empathy. Intelligence. Diversity. Education. Sharing. Caring. Growing.

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