Sunday, January 6, 2008

jaxscene stats and download info

So this is Jaxscene's flickr stats. Jaxscene is now 1 month old. Alot of people have asked for pictures and why they can't download them. It's mostly for the creepy people on flickr. I know a lot of people are in them and I want you to have the photos of you and your friends. I'm going to open the Jaxscene flickr account randomly so these people can get those pictures. Like right now for the next few days. I also want to thank everybody for letting me take those pictures. Everybody has been really cool about it especially the bands. If you ever want to be able to download the pictures all the time just get a flickr account, it's free, and add Jaxscene as a contact. I just want to know the right people have access to them. Anyways happy new years. More pictures and other ideas will be coming soon.


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