Monday, March 23, 2009

A Video From Sundays Show

I would say recently I have taken on a new calling to try to go out and support the local live music scene as much as possible. After spending a whole weekend at Harvest of Hope and listening to just as many local bands as the ones known nationally and worldwide, I realized that North Florida's local music can easily get mistaken for the bands that have to fly more then 2 hours to be able to perform.
Normally I wouldn't go out three nights in one weekend but I used to be a huge Cadets fan and I didn't know when I would get to see the old lead singer Chuck Smyth, now a Gainesville resident, perform again.
There were a lot of entertaining moments, like when Rick told us Christian asked him earlier if he was wearing a Han Solo costume, and a few disappointing moments due to sound trouble. I thought I would share one thing that happened that is a prime example of why going to shows, or at least this show, is worth it. I decided to not show the full clip because I personally would rather you go out and support the venues and bands rather then sit at home and watch the video. Hope you enjoy, pictures coming soon.

Owen Holmes Joins Rickolus On Stage @ Eclipse 3/22/09

Video and post by tom p.


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