Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JaxScene Interview: The Trenton Tarpits

Trenton is in a band called Dead Man's Waltz - who recently changed their name to The 2416. Trenton is also in a band with Jimmy from The Memphibians called Beach Party, which to me sounds more like Stephen Merritt or Calvin Johnson. I let one of his friends read his answers to this interview and they told me, "Yeah that is about all you will get out of Trenton".

Do you have an idea of the perfect pet? Hound dog.

If you had enough money to never work again, would you volunteer, or get a small job somewhere? I've been working my whole life. Donate to keep kids off hard drugs, buy a studio.

From 1-10 how much does it bother you to see woods cleared to make way for a supermarket? Wal-Mart 10, Mom and Pop store 1.

Have you ever made popcorn without a microwave? Yes! Jiffy son.

What is the longest and shortest your hair has been? To my shoulders, shaved.

Have you ever waxed a car? Heck naw.

If you were to buy a car what is the price range you could afford? Free.

Do you think advertising in the telephone book is a good idea? Sure.

If you had to listen to one band for the rest of your life what would it be? The Cramps.

Would you let your kids play at the Neverland Ranch? F$%#@ naw, Well maybe now.

Interview by tom p.
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