Sunday, August 30, 2009

Opinion and Pearl Thursday 8/27/09 photos

Click to see set. Photos by David W.
While getting out to cover important and interesting events is a must, I took a load off and danced at the pearl along with the camera. I like to catch interesting moments of fun and the good times had by all.

The scene is everywhere and every place. I can't knock on one over the other. If someone from that scene sees other pics of other scenes, gaps will be bridged between scenes. They will see what else is happening. Not just clubs but events that are defining the scene as time progresses.

But that being said; I personally as a contributor, will probably not be snapping much of The Pearl Thursdays. No judgment, I have a great time there. I just think we about covered it. I have seen kids find their way to other venues and unique events springing from just wanting to save their pic for a social networking site. That's all I could of hoped for.

I would like to cover other new areas and new ideas. As the scene grows in this way I think it will inspire others to reengage in their community and step out with their ideas. It would truly be contributing to Tom's JaxScene start-up idea; To show people those things that make you think "Wow... this is happening here?"


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