Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tough Junkie's "Grab What You Can" Album Release Party @ TSI 6/19

From the Facebook event page:
Tough Junkie's "Grab What You Can" Album Droppage Party @ Club TSI June 19th, this Friday! You've probably already heard about it a few times now and hopefully you're already planning on going. For those of you who might be sitting on the fence, we got some announcements that should fix that problem:

There will be a community photo, marking the first of many, of the entire crowd taken in front of TSI before the performances. For those of you who've been supporting the scene for so many years make sure you're in the photo.

There will be food, not just snacks but actual food. The food is free and there will be plenty so we got you covered Friday night (vegetarians are covered too but sorry vegans you're on your own).

There will be a dance competition (any kind of dancing) with over $100 in prizes for 3 lucky winners (each winner will get a copy of the new album too!)

There will be a special guest appearance by one of the founders of Hip Hop, not just talking about the local scene but someone who was part of the movement that paved the way for all artists today.

As you can see this is going to be a big night and without giving too much away we wanted to let you know we got your Friday night taken care of. It costs $10 at the door, you get fed and you get to see Tough Junkie throw together the biggest show he's attempted.

If you're already coming spread the word to your friends, the more people we get to the show the more shows we'll have like this in the future. It's time to take this up to the next level folks, be there.

Tough Junkie
James Lester


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