Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mr. Netti is a versatile dude who's a good time to be around. He knows what's good and is down to share it.

Deserts, Mountains, or the Tropics?
Netti: The tropics, because it sounds like there'd be more drinks there. Movies make the desert seem like it’s a horrible place to go.

Favorite import beer?
Netti: Well I love some Guinness of course and Newcastle is pretty close. I try not to discriminate when it comes to beer. My all time favorite seasonal is Shipyard's Pumpkinhead, it's like a slice of pumpkin pie but you don't have to chew!

Salt and Pepper are two timeless table seasonings, what should be a permanent third?
Netti: Bosari. Local home town favorite. You're missing out, really...

Have you ever contemplated a invention of your own?
Netti: I have so many inventions but how do you even build them? I have no idea... I'm not a scientist..

Is there any word you dislike simply because of the way it sounds in pronunciation?
Netti: Yes.

You're building your innovative house, what materiel makes up most of the building?
Netti: Spider silk... Although I would be mad if spiders took over the house in the end... how ironic would that be?
David: ha ha ha...

Do you own any instruments?
Netti: If I could clone myself I could play every instrument in a band.

If not at home, what's a secondary place other than work would you be relaxing?
Netti: Other than work? Who goes to work to relax? If it was relaxing I'd want that job! The beach is probably the most relaxing place I know. Can I work at the beach?

Interview by David. (I am limiting it to 8 questions from now on)
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