Sunday, October 4, 2009

Call JAXSCENE - Leave your voice

(904) 469-8636I'm always looking for new ways for the community to be able to interact with this blog. I was invited to join Google Voice and decided to dedicated it to a JaxScene call-in number. It will be another way for anyone to call and leave info on future events and things to do so we can post links. Also anyone can leave feedback on events currently going on or events they have been to. This feedback from others can tell us what to expect. All feedback will be pre-screen for unnecessary or unrelated calls because they will be posted in a Daily segment called "Voice Mail Reviews" in their own words! I strongly encourage positive reviews if not general info. I will try to post some reviews as soon as I get them in the actual "Things to do" for that day.

(904) 469-todo


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