Friday, October 16, 2009

Neon Indian @ Club TSI This Saturday 10/17/09

On The Road - Tuesday's 10/13 Ybor City Show Review: Neon Indian
by Joel Cook

Hmmm... Another show review. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you how many people paid at the door, or what I was wearing, or how the weather was. You can read that shit elsewhere. Here's the deal. The Soft Rock Renegades have made Tuesday night's "All Good" at Crowbar in Ybor City a staple in hipster ethics. Throw in an early show headlined by nerd-rockers Neon Indian, and you've got a skinny jean explosion of happy kiddies. And that's exactly what happened on October 13th at Crowbar. Neon Indian 001 by you.

The fragrance of patchouli oil and b.o. paraded the dark shadows of Crowbar as we anxiously waited for BC of Red Tide to get on stage. BC performed to promote his new release Time Capsule. You gotta check it out. We've been stoked to see BC perform, and he killed as per usual. Always a passionate performer and complex lyricist, BC packed the room with his lyrical gymnastics and vibrate energy. Again, you gotta check his solo debut.

Neon Indian 013 by you.

Sunbears! • Photo by: Brian Mahar

By this point in the night Neon Indian's tour manager was hitting the sauce pretty good, and we may have been aiding him in this act while we awaited Sunbears! performance. We'll get back to that later. Anyway, if you're a fan of REAX then you're aware of what big fans we are of Jacksonville's Sunbears! They always tear the house down and cover it with confetti. They've added a few new songs to their set, added some new video, and Jonathan put on his big boy pants and strapped on a guitar. The new guitar driven songs added a little balls to their set accompanied by devil horns and blood. They played the staples, we all sang along, and then they were gone. Sunbears! just finished recording some new songs for a split they are doing with Eric Collins of the Dark Romantics. Not sure when it's going to be released on New Granada, but the boys are excited about it so you should be too. Now where is that pesky tour manager?

Neon Indian 042 by you.

Neon Indian • Photo by: Brian Mahar

All the hype and promotion came to a head as Neon Indian took over. It's been awhile since I've seen a band get so much buzz, and it seems for good reason. The kids love their disco-synth-skinny rockers these days. The weirdly slow grind of hipster dancing swayed en mass as they performed "Deadbeat Summer" off their album Psychic Chasm. It's strange how this band can impale you with sadness while still making you dance. It's like watching a kids' cartoon while high and crying. This was day three of Neon Indian's national tour, and I'm not sure the tour manager is going to make it. Last I saw him he was sprawled out on the floor of the men's bathroom covered in something, beckoning for his band. He's fine, we've talked to the band since. I guess we will see how he does this Saturday at TSI in Jacksonville. Show info for Saturday is below, and we hope to see you out. You can actually download the album here if you wanna check out the album before you head to TSI on Saturday night.



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